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COVID Fundraiser

Illustration Workshop by Sanjay Reddy

The times are tough but you know what's tougher? Intentions. Intentions to extend a helping hand wherever possible. 

We at Designex Studio have pledged to serve as much as we can. Our Founding Member of the Studio, Mr Sanjay Reddy has organised a Covid Fundraiser Illustration Workshop due on 8th of May with a minimum registration fee. All the amount collected will be donated to Himkunt Foundation to help the needy during this pandemic. 

This initiative is based on personal experiences, like many others we have witnessed Gurudwaras and other organisations working tirelessly to provide the basic necessities to people without expecting anything in return. To do even half and quater percent of that would be an honour and we invite you to be a part of this. Through this workshop, we wish to donate whatever we can and help those who need us because currently we all need each other.  
While hoping that we all will get ahead of this pandemic soon. Gratitude, love and concern for each other is our biggest strength.

As for distribution, we will directly transfer all the funds received to Hemkunt Foundation

Hemkunt Foundation is one such NGO working relentlessly to help those in need. With their strong belief in the popular Sikh principle ‘Sarbat da bhala’ i.e welfare for all, the team strives to support the distressed and needy every day.

link to Hemkunt Foundation :

About Sanjay Reddy :

Sanjay Reddy, the founder of Redtin Studio & Designex Studio is a published Illustrator. Featured by various creative magazines, newspapers, blogs, and interviewed by news channels, Sanjay frequently takes masterclasses at different Design universities in India. Sanjay is also the host of D Talks - The Design Podcast. 

Instagram :

D Talks - The Design Podcast :

Redtin Studio :

Here's what you'll learn from the workshop 

  • Basics of Illustration

  • What is an illustration

  • How to build a concept for your illustration

  • How to choose colors

  • Sanjay's step by step process of creating an illustration 


Stationary needed :

Basic A4 or any medium size drawing paper or sketchbook
Pencils, eraser
Pen or marker 
Colors (optional) 

Date : May 8th, 2021
Time : 6 - 8 pm (IST) 
Duration : 2 hours
Cost : minimum Rs.500/- and upto any amount you wish to donate

Process :

You need to register with us by filling the form given below and making the payment by selecting any one of the payment methods. We will verify your payment and send you a confirmation mail within 24 hours.

For any queries, please contact us at:

Please fill the form below and make the payment to confirm your registration

Payment :

Mode. 1 :

: Sanjayreddy144@oksbi

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Mode. 2 :

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: 8920866585

Mode. 3 :

Scan the code below

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Payment made through :

Thanks for submitting the form! We will check your payment and send you a confirmation mail within 24 hours

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