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NID BDes 2019 Solved

NID (B.DES) 2019 Booklet Series: A


Question 1 to 22 (Multiple Choice Questions)

1) D

The Transgender Pride flag was designed by the transgender women Monica Helms in 1999, which was first shown at a pride parade in Phoenix, Arizona, US in 2000.

2) D

First is the calligraphy pen as the stroke is thick and thin in it, and the second one from flat brush as the start and the end are both not curved as expected from the round brush.

3) C

The pattern belong to the ikkat textile craft.

4) A

Question is simple as the wood is the only material in the options that does not have any hair like substance in it.

5) D

The Bihu dance is an indigenous folk dance from the Indian state of Assam related to the Bihu festival and an important part of Assamese culture. Performed in a group, the Bihu dancers are usually young men and women, and the dancing style is characterized by brisk steps, and rapid hand movements.

6) C

Annapurna Devi (IAST: Annapūrṇā Devi; 1927–13 October 2018) was an Indian surbahar (bass sitar) player of Hindustani classical music. She was given the name 'Annapurna' by former Maharaja Brijnath Singh of the former Maihar Estate (M.P.), and it was by this name that she was popularly known.

7) C

Kingfisher is the one that inspired the designer of the first portion of the train Sunni Robertson, using the concept of biomimicry and the first sustainable solutions to human problem.

8) C

Because the Pole star is above the Earth's axis of rotation, it stays in practically the same place in the sky throughout the night and throughout the year, and as such can be used to help with navigation at night.

9) B

The Hindu reformer Raja Ram Mohan Roy (1772-1833), he came from a distinguished Brahmin family in Bengal but not an artist.

10) A

The Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award, is the most honorary sports awards presented in India, the pay respect to the Indian sportspersons.

11) C

Take is as a gender based diagram, where the boys are the only male, but connected to a girls, through siblings but sister is female.

12) C

Weight of mother with child = 70 Kg

Weight of father with child = 90 Kg

Weight of the child = 90-70 = 20 Kg

Weight of the family = 120(Weight if the father and mother together) + 20 = 140 Kg

13) A

14) B


The answer seems pretty obvious as the third and fourth options have 3 extrusions (or bumps) in its lower body and in first option the space between both the bumps is too much to as compared to the given diagram


15) D

16) A

IF you look carefully Figure S and U represents DES- 23 and 45, which shows in the figure that 2nd and 3rd, also 4th and 5th boxes in the second columns are filled with a shade and the combination of shades for DES is common in both S and U in the first columns, according to this for DES12 (A) is the right answer.

17) B

18) The question is wrong

19) B

20) B

21) A

As, m moves 90 degree, its position will be just the mirror image of m, and n moves counter-clockwise 180 degrees it will also be the mirror image, this makes our option clear with (A)being the correct answer

22) C

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